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Kennel Bella Volpino, is breeding the rare breed Volpino Italiano.

I got my first Volpino in 2007, I got it from Sweden and it should "just" be a family dog. But then I just had to try a dogshow ... and it went very well ... since then, I have been on a lot of dogshows in both Denmark and many different countries in Europe. Of course, I have also gone to dogshows in Italy, the homeland of the breed, on several occasions.

I also attend major dogshows such as WDS and EDS. It has been with great succes. In 2017, Bella Volpino's No. 1 Bernard (Owned by Anne Dorte and Nanna Klarlund) Became World Winner at WDS in Leipzig, at the age of only 16 months. And in 2018, his little brother also did it ... My own Bella Volpino's Prince Charming became BOB and Junior World Winner at the age of 17 months, at WDS in Amsterdam.


It is important for me to get "new blood" I buy dogs from different lines in Italy. I do not only use my own males, I have been to Sweden a couple of times to mate with males owned by Swedish colleagues. I have also had a male from Italy living with me for over a year, I used him for some matings and also showed him in a lot of countries in Northern Europe for the owner.

I graduated hte DKK Dog keeper education in 2010 and in 2012 the DKK Breeder education and then got my kennel name. I am a member of DKK and The Danish Spitz Club (The special club Volpino belongs to) and am very active in both clubs.

I mainly go to shows with my dogs, it is a fun hobby and it has given me a lot of wonderful friends in both Denmark and the rest of Europe.

I am a member of:

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