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Why Choose a Volpino with FCI recognised DKK pedigree?

You have to look carefully when choosing a dog. The Volpino is a very rare breed, so all Volpinos in Denmark, until 2015 have been with FCI recognized pedigree.


How do you know if a pedigree is FCI recognized?

There is only one kennel club in each country that can issue FCI recognized pedigrees, and in Denmark, the largest and oldest kennel club is the Danish Kennel Club (For short: DKK) DKK is the only FCI approved club in Denmark. There are other small clubs, such as DRU and DDH, these clubs are not recognized by FCI.

What is FCI?

FCI is the worldwide organization for all major kennel clubs around the world. Click here to read more about FCI.


What benefits do I have with an FCI recognized pedigree. 

You can show your dog at all DKK dogshows, special club shows, and all the major dogshows held under FCI, ex. World Dog Show and Eurodog show (World Championships and European Championships for dogs) You can go to training at all DKK training places throughout DK and you have a large organization behind you, which you can approach and get help from at all times. If you choose a Volpino with a pedigree other than DKK's and you later want puppies, you will be very limited, as 99% of all Volpinos in DK are with DKK/FCI recognized pedigree and they are therefore not allowed to breed with a non FCI recognized dog. 


Can you choose to make puppies without pedigree ?? Then I advice you to choose a different breed than the Volpino. The Volpino is so rare and is still being rebuilt, so Volpinos without pedigree or without FCI recognized pedigree is a great shame for the rebuilding of the breed with only a few active breeding animals. 

Read more about why i advice you to choose a dog with pedigree from The Danish Kennel Klub: Why choose a DKK pedigree dog




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