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No puppies available. I expect next litter in 2022. If you have interest in a puppy from my next litter, please send an email.

For more information send me an email:


To buy a puppy from Kennel Bella Volpino:

My puppies always get raised inside my house, with me and my other grownup dogs. The first 2-3 weeks they stay in the puppy den, next to my bed :-) At about 3 weeks of age they move into a bigger puppy yard in my living room. Here they are exposed to all everyday sounds, everything from TV, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, radio and much more. They are also exposed to different sounds from a CD. I also play sounds thunderstorms and New Year's fireworks from Youtube on my TV, so they get both sound and light.


From 3-4 weeks of age, they start having visits reguarly by children of different ages, so they become accustomed to the children and their, at times loud cries and sudden movements. Depending on season and weather, I begin at 4-5 weeks of age, to take them out in the garden. They will then gradually tried to walk on different surfaces. Tiles, wood flooring, carpet, plastic, grass, asphalt, soil, concrete, gravel, and what else we can find. 


At about 5-6 weeks of age, we begin to go more and more out. Of course, depending on what the weather allows. They get a lot out driving in my car (Since I live a bit out in the countryside) In the car, they try to sit in different cages of both plastic, fabric and metal. At 6-8 weeks i intensified the environmental training. We visit theshoppingstreet almost everyday, and continues with visits to school, train and bus station, beach, forest and every where we can go to depending on the weather. I follow a schedule, made by DKK's behavior consultant Lise Lotte Christensen (Also seen on TV) This schedule follows the puppies when they go to live with their new families, so the new family, can continue where I stop.  


If you live in a country, that don't allow import of puppies at the age 8-12 weeks, i of course, keep the puppy and start training it accordingly, to what you need for the puppy (Ringtraining etc.) I don't charge extra for a puppy going abbroad, except for the expences for the additional charges there may be. (2nd vaccination, rabbies vaccination and if your country has more rules for importing a dog)


As a breeder, I reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to a person, if I for some reason believe that he/she is not suitable or that "chemistry" does not fit. If there are more than one family who are interested in the same puppy, I reserve the right to choose who I want to sell the puppy to.

N-Kuld 2016

Ved 5-6 ugers alderen begynder vi at komme mere og mere ud. Selvfølgelig alt efter hvad vejret tillader. De kommer rigtig meget ud at køre i bil (Da jeg bor lidt ude på landet) I bilen prøver de at sidde i forskellige bure, af både plastik, stof og metal. Når de er 6-8  uger intensiveres miljøtræningen. Vi besøger gågademiljø næste dagligt, og fortsætter med besøg på skole, banegård, strand, skov og alt vi kan kommer til og vejret tillader.


Jeg følger som udgangspunkt et skema. udarbejdet af DKK's adfærdskonsulent Lise Lotte Christensen (Bla. også set på TV) Dette skema følger med hvalpen, når den flytter hjemmefra, så den nye familie. kan fortsætte hvor jeg slipper.


Som opdrætter forbeholder jeg mig ret til, at afvise at sælge en hvalp til en person, hvis jeg af en eller anden grund mener, at vedkommende ikke er egnet eller at "kemien" ikke passer. Hvis der er flere personer, der er interesseret i den samme hvalp, så forbeholder jeg mig ret til at vælge, hvem jeg ønsker at sælge den pågældende hvalp til.

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